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Branch Newsletters are issued quarterly, usually in time for announcing the upcoming General Meeting (date, time, location) or imminent Branch Events.

Branch News, in the form of 4-pg 'Quarterly Branch Newsletters' are being distributed mostlly via e-mail. And, all 'Quarterly Branch Newsletters' are posted in the 'Newsletter Archive' on our Branch website.

Additionally, 'Monthly Branch News Updates' are e-mail to our Branch Members.

The 'Monthly Branch News Updates' are especially useful in communicating current Association news and information relating to Advocacy, Speaker events, and Social events (scheduling, last-minute changes, cancellation, etc.).

We note that our Branch Membership includes people who cannot, or can no longer, cope with current computer innovations. For these valued Members, our good volunteers of the ‘Newsletter Distribution Committee’ continue to provide their time and enthusiasm to enable the delivery of our 'Quarterly Branch News' quarterly via Canada Post mail-out. The Branch Board remains prepared to assess special needs and circumstances of Members on a one-by-one basis, when e-mailing of Branch News is no longer deemed possible.

Our Branch provides a brief 'Announcement' in the back of the national 'SAGE' magazine. This magazine is Canada Post mailed to every Association Member on a quarterly basis. 

A note regards e-mailed Branch News distribution:

The onus is on the Branch Member to advise any change in his/her e-mail address. Whenever the Branch is notified by a service provider (Telus, Shaw, Hotmail, etc.) that an e-mailing is ’Rejected, Unknown address, etc.’, we make a limited attempt to contact our Branch Member for a new/current e-mail address.

If we cannot establish a new/current e-mail address, we have no choice but to terminate our Branch News e-mailings until such time that we are again made aware of the current e-mail address of the affected Branch Member.

Please, contact our Branch Director of Membership Administration to advise e-mail address or any other Membership data changes. 

Similarly, if a Branch Member wishes to ‘un-subscribe’ from Branch e-mailing, simply notify the Branch. All subsequent Association information will then come only via mailed 'SAGE' magazine, remaining accessible on the various Association Websites.

Our correspondence methodology evolves with the times, to best serve our Branch Members.