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The current Branch By-Laws came into effect subsequent to our March 2015 Branch AGM and updated at our March 2018 AGM. 

These Branch-approved By-Laws were reviewed and approved by our National Office.

Our Branch By-Laws can be viewed in the 'Governance' tab, top of page; look for the 'By-Laws of the Branch' category. 

Similarly, our CODE of CONDUCT can be viewed in the 'Office' tab, top of page; look for the 'CODE of CONDUCT' category.    

Core Branch Activities and Services, based on Core Activities approved November 2013 at our National Office:

Advocacy: Activities conducted at branch level which support our National Association strategic advocacy priorities and that do not jeopardize our National Association's reputation.

Information Sharing: The legal and prudent gathering, conserving and distribution of information that is relevant to our Natiuonal Association members and activities, using a diverse range of methods and technologies.

Membership Recruitment and Engagement: All activities developed to attract, retain and engage members through recruiting activities, community outreach and social functions.

Member Support: The provision of support to members, typically on health and pension benefits issues, in the form of clarification and referral to appropriate resources. It is understood that this does not include the provision of advice or direct intervention on behalf of an individual member that could be characterized as personal or individual advocacy. 

Volunteer Support and Development: All activities focussed on volunteer recruitment, development, recognition and succession, which ultimately support effective branch leadership and the delivery of core services. To volunteer for a Branch activity, please contact Charles Louth, our Volunteering Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Ian Spence This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  is our Nominations Committee Chairperson for volunteers seeking a Branch Board Directorship position.

Financial Management: All activities related to the management and accounting of branch financial resources, whether generated by member fees or though other branch level activities, in accordance with sound financial management practices and policies of our National Association. This includes budgeting, and performing activities in relation to branch accounting functions and financial reporting.

Governance: The application of sound governance and oversight at both the branch level, for branch members meetings and branch nomination and election processes, and when participating at regional and national meetings, on behalf of all members.

2010 Apr Fraser Valley West Branch Charter Reaffirmation
 Founded in 1978 as 'Fraser Valley Branch', subsequently registered as 'Fraser Valley West Branch'