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        Info for Seniors & Info for Caregivers:



Military / Canadian Forces

Benefit Plans

All Health Info, incl. Dental Plan

PSHCP (Health Care)

PSHCP (SunLife)  1 888 757-7427

PDSP (Dental) needs User ID and Password

BC Medical (BCMSP)

Veterans Affairs Canada - Disability Benefits for RCMP &  


                                      for Military/Cdn Forces members

Medoc (Travel)

Health - Federal and Provincial
BC Medical Services
Canadian Healthcare Association
Canadian Mental Health
Health Canada
Healthlink BC (Dial 811)
Public Service Health Care Plan
Government Agencies - Pensions
Public Service Pension and Benefits
Government Agencies - Revenue Canada - Veterans Affairs - Elections
Disability Amount on Income Tax Form
Service Canada
Veterans Affairs
NAFR Affinity Partners
NAFR Affinity Programs
Affiliates & Seniors Organisations
Active Living Coalition for Older Adults
BC Government Retired Employees' Association
Council of Senior Citizens Organizations (COSCO) of BC
Family Caregivers Network Society
Information for Seniors
Office of the Seniors advocate of BC - Information
 Semiahmoo Seniors Planning Table
Estate Planning & Miscellaneous
Personal Planning Document (Wills)

Note: To locate the other NAFR Branches in BC, refer to the National Association site

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