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What does Advocacy mean?  There are many meanings for advocacy - some are political, some are legal, some are social or humanistic in nature.  According to the NAFR (National Association of Federal Retirees) national office, one of the main reasons our Association exists is to advocate for the protection of our pension and health security.  So advocacy is the act of arguing or pleading in favour of something, representing someone, and/or supporting a cause.  As a Branch, we keep you informed about important issues that may affect you as a retiree or senior.  In order to make a difference, we need to band together and show politicians that we care about what happens to us, especially where our pensions and health benefits are concerned.  The election year is the ideal time to call attention to these concerns; we need you to get involved!

  • Changes to Public Service Health Care Plan – how did they happen?!target-benefit-plans/c1ip1

  • Every Canadian today and in the future should benefit from retirement income security and a strong, sustainable health care system.
  • Don’t be shy - come to our monthly Meet & Chats and have a free coffee/tea and meet others who share some of the same concerns as you:
  • Come and join in the fun with other members at our general meetings and events:
  • Send us an email, let us know what is going on with you, especially if you have some retirement concerns
  • Join one of our committees as a volunteer – You may contact Leslie Gaudette, your (volunteer) Director of Advocacy by phone or email 604 630-4201 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Talk to us, be counted and let your voice be heard by others: Let us know if you would like to be part of a Team to contact your Member of Parliament: MPs like to hear from constituents so they can take the pulse of the community. The more often politicians hear about our issues, the more likely they are to be part of their platform and the national dialogue.
  • Legislation is needed to protect our pensions, whether in the public or private sectors. Employers must honour existing pension commitments to pensioners and employees. NAFR monitors the pension scene through its leadership of the Canadian Coalition for Retirement Security, and continues to track promises made in the 2015 Federal Election. For more information, visit and

Honour Your Promise on Retirement Security campaign asked you and all Canadians to send a message to each politicial party during the 2015 election campaign.

And, we made a difference - we got commitments in support of Honour Your Promise from the

    Liberals , from the

    NDP , from the  

    Greens , and from the


But, our work isn't over. We're looking forward to the work to come - ensuring the parties' election promises are honoured and that your retirement remains secure.  

If you have not signed our pledge, you can still add your voice to Honour Your Promise.

Sign our support pledge today:

IMPORTANT LINKS for your Information

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